5 Reasons to Get an iPad Pro


There is however, a third alternative that has surfaced in recent years. The rise of lightweight tablets with high processing power, such as the Apple iPad Pro, has allowed for a lot more flexibility and choice for office employees. Coupled with its suite of optimised accessories and its lightweight frame, it is clear why many are opting for tablets as their go-to choice for everything work related.

1. Its Powerful M1 Processor

The core of what makes this possible is the iPad Pro’s M1 processing chip. In the past, tablets were not regarded seriously as workstations due to their inability to multitask effectively. Run multiple programs on a tablet from the early 2000’s and immediately you’ll notice the device slow to a crawl. That’s not the case with Apple’s latest iteration of the iPad Pro. Rivaling most static desktops, the iPad Pro starts with 8GB of RAM on all models below 1TB of storage. That amount doubles with the 1 and 2 TB iPad Pros, models geared towards design aficionados that want to be able to edit their work on the go. Regardless of whether you’re rendering a final cut of your video, or if you’re a habitual multitasker – the iPad Pro’s M1 chip has all bases covered.

2. Compatibility with Magic Keyboard

What elevates the iPad Pro from a luxury lifestyle item to a serious office workstation are the accessories. Namely, Apple’s latest Magic Keyboard. Designed as a cantilever styled keyboard which attaches magnetically to your iPad Pro, the Magic Keyboard can also be adjusted to multiple viewing angles to ensure ergonomic stability. With a USB-C port for pass-through charging, and a trackpad that synergises perfectly with iPadOS, the Magic Keyboard does exactly what it states on the box by opening up boundless possibilities for how you want to work. When it’s no longer in use, simply fold the keyboard down to convert it into a case providing complete protection for your device.

3. The Apple Pencil

For those of us who prefer handwriting their notes over typing them out, the Apple Pencil is a godsend. Sporting the ideal combination of form and utility, the Apple Pencil’s rectangular shape attaches magnetically to the iPad Pro and charges automatically. Sporting a low-latency response rate, any input on the screen of your device is instantly recorded and transcribed digitally. Gone are the days of visual lag while using an uncomfortable stylus barely the size of your pinky.

4. Large Screen Size

Carrying on some traits of its predecessor, the 5th Generation iPad Pro is also capable of up to 4K resolution on its Liquid Retina display. The kicker here is that the latest generation of iPad Pros come in two screen sizes, 12.9 and 11 inches respectively. This is just another testament of Apple’s dedication to flexibility. Go with the smaller size to reduce bulkiness for more portability, or go large and enjoy your next Netflix binge in comfort – the choice is entirely up to you.

5. Long-lasting Battery Life

The final cherry on this sundae is the increased battery life on the newest iPad Pros. Apple has officially stated that a single charge will last for up to 10 hours on a Wi-Fi network, and 9 hours while using cellular data. This also implies that one need not carry a charger around, effectively lightening your bag even more. Considering that the average work day is 8 hours, the iPad Pro’s hefty battery reserve even affords you the luxury of using it as you commute. Try doing that with your traditional laptop!

Posted : September 8, 2021


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