A New iPhone Battery Life Span is about 2 years !


According to CNET, Apple is estimating one battery will last for 400 charges , probably about two years’ worth of use. After 400 full charge and discharge cycles, estimates that the iPhone will lose 20 percent of its capacity

After 400 complete cycles, the iPhone’s battery still has 80 percent of its charged capacity. And by a complete charge cycle, I mean completely draining the battery, a full chemical cycle. In other words, using a little battery and then putting your iPhone back in its dock doesn’t count as a charge cycle. If you use a quarter of your iPhone’s battery and then re-charge it, that’s the equivalent of a quarter of a charge cycle. Hence, if you top it off, you’re not wasting a charge cycle.

However ,damage may occur before this 400 charges period as a result of overcharging. It is important to know overcharging damages iPhone battery and shortens the power capacity. Overcharging in this case, means charging exceeding 100% frequently.

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Posted : May 22, 2018


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