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“ I have always been careless with personal belongings, especially in instances such as misplacing my mobile phone innumerous times.

Not really sure what these events says about me, but the very thought of losing something that we absolutely can’t live without, never fails to make us rethink about why we hurt the very ones that we love the most in this world.

Luckily for me, came to my timely rescue! Their outstanding ability of fixing my phone right in front of me within a short time frame of 15 minutes was nothing short of amazing. They even provide 24/7 repair service right at your door step now! Where people such as myself are able to get our phone restoration done at any given location of your choice & preference.

All you have to do: make an appointment 1-2 hours beforehand. How impossibly convenient is that!? To bring the benefits up a notch, their respectable service also comes with a 100 days warranty coupled with your original LCD.

I have engaged LYK a couple of times now (don’t ask me how I keep breaking my phones), and so far the repair provided, works perfectly fine with no aftermath glitches or whatsoever. For more info, contact or 9025 2185! You can also drop by LYK repair service centre to enjoy additional $25 off! (Instore promo) And specially for you guys, quote “LYKYING” for $10 off + a free tempered glass screen protector! ”

Check out www, / Contact 9025 2185 for more info !

Posted : October 16, 2018


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