Does your iPhone face BLURRY/ SHAKING back camera ?


Recently we have received high amount of enquiries from our clients looking for help in regards to their iPhone 6Plus, iPhone 6splus and iPhone 7Plus that are affected by defects with the back cameras.


We understand that some clients loved bigger iPhones , one of the benefits of the bigger iPhone 6 Plus as opposed to the standard 4.7in iPhone 6 is that the former has optical image stabilisation (OIS) on its main snapper – but that hasn’t been such a great benefit for some owners.

However at a point , too much dropping of the phone or wear and tear over the years may cause the optical image stabilisation to fail and it is a hardware issue.

The symptoms you may face are :

No Flash

No Focus

Blurry Photos

Random App crashes

Shaking and making rattling noise

If you have these problems with your iOS device you may visit our repair centre to get further assistance from our support team. Alternatively you may Call / Whatsapp us at 9025 2185.  Just be sure to provide us with all necessary information, such as your iOS device model, as well as more details about the issue you have with your device

LYK Repair Service Centre

The Commerze @ Irving

1 Irving place #02-07

Singapore 369546

9025 2185

Posted : January 24, 2019


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