Help! I Dropped My Phone in Water by Accident


Unexpectedly, you receive a call from work and drop your iPhone into the water out of shock – it’s a crisis!

Believe it or not, the wet smartphone crisis happens to more people than you’d realise. If you have, unfortunately, gotten yourself into this situation, we have a step-by-step crisis management plan to salvage your device from water damage.


1. Retrieve the phone out of the water.

If your phone has unfortunately fallen into water while you chill out at the pool, you cannot just leave it there!

When your phone falls into the water, it is a very serious situation. This is due to the fact that water can do drastic damage to your phone. Thus, when the situation is that your phone has fallen into the water, you need to get your phone out of the water immediately in order to minimise the water damage.

The sooner you retrieve the phone from the water, the better the chance of saving and repairing your phone. Therefore, when you retrieve your phone from the water as soon as possible, this could potentially save you from having to buy a new phone.

2. Towel-dry Your Phone and Leave it Out to Dry 

To salvage your phone from water damage, you need to towel-dry the wet phone carefully in order to remove as much of the moisture as possible from the phone.

If you do not have access to a towel where you are in order to dry off the phone that has fallen into some water accidentally, then the next best option is to leave the phone out in a convenient and safe location to allow the wet phone to dry out as much as possible and as quickly as possible. Use tissue paper, if available, to remove the moisture before leaving the phone out to dry.

Caution: Avoid Blow-drying Your Phone

You might think that using a hair dryer is the best way to remove moisture. Unfortunately, using a hair dryer could inflict further damage.

Never apply the usage of a blow dryer to dry your wet phone. This could result in the parts of the phone overheating, which could become dangerous. Also, if the parts overheat in addition to already being wet, this could mean more damage to your phone, which could make your phone incapable of being repaired.

Stick to towel-drying and tissue paper as much as possible.

3. Remember to Pull out the SIM Card

Your phone might have gotten wet, but if you retrieve the SIM card early, you might be able to salvage your contacts and old pictures.

You must remove the SIM card as soon as possible as water can get trapped and prevent your phone from working properly.

When you remove the SIM card in a prompt fashion, you reduce risks of further damage.

4. Verify the Condition of Your Phone 

Once your phone has dried with the SIM card removed, you need to check to see if the phone will start working for you again in a normal and proper manner.

This means that the phone should turn on without any glitches and the screen should not flicker. You should notice whether all the various functions of your phone are working well.

Then, check to see if the speed of the functioning of your phone is as quick as it used to be prior to falling in the water. In addition, you should ensure that the screen is not foggy or blurry, as the screen should be completely clear.

If the screen is foggy or blurry, this means that moisture has seeped behind the screen of the phone.

Caution: Do Not Charge Your Phone

Since your phone has fallen in some water, there could still be moisture in your phone.

Therefore, you should not charge your phone, as this could cause the phone to short circuit if there is some hidden moisture in the phone. This could result in creating more damage to your phone and could make the phone impossible to repair.

If All Else Fails, Bring it to a Repair Store 

Perhaps you have tried all of these steps to try to save and preserve your phone after it has fallen into water, but you notice that the phone still is not working like it should.

Fret not – all hope is not lost! Instead, take your phone to a repair shop first and consult the experts about what you should do and whether your device can be saved.

Luckily for you, LYK Mobile has the tools and the expertise to salvage your phone from water damage. Visit our store and we’ll get your device fixed! 

Posted : March 16, 2021


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