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iPad Mini Repair in Singapore

Need to fix your damaged iPad Mini? LYK Mobile can provide on-the-spot iPad repair at our multiple branches in Singapore, whether that is to replace your battery, screen or even your camera.

With our skilled technicians at LYK Mobile, you can enjoy a prompt and effective service. Depending on the type of service needed, we can repair your device within the day. Should the repair be more extensive, our team will advise you on the process and duration accordingly. Plus, we also provide up to 100 days of warranty, so rest assured you can come back to us if you need more assistance in the future.

We can also repair our iPad Mini where you’re located if you’re unable to drop by our stores. Just let us know the issue you are facing and the part you need replaced, and one of our specialists will come to you with the necessary tools and resources. You won’t have to worry about quality either, as we use genuine Apple parts when repairing all Apple devices, including  your iPad Mini.

What We Repair

From iPad Mini Battery to Screen Replacement

One of the common issues you may face with the iPad Mini is a cracked screen. After all, unexpected slips are unavoidable sometimes, but you don’t need to throw your device away because of a damaged LCD. Simply replace the screen, and you’ll have your iPad Mini ready for use in no time. Apart from screen replacement, we can also switch the faulty battery in your iPad Mini with a new one, so you won’t have to deal with longer app launch time, dimmed backlight or fast draining of power. 

If you need to repair or replace your iPad Mini’s camera, motherboard or other parts, you can rely on our team to get the job done too. Plus, it won’t cost you a big sum as our repair and replacement services are affordably priced.

Fix Your iPad Mini & More

Aside from your iPad Mini, we also accept other iPad models like the iPad Air and iPad 8. It is not just the screen and battery that we can fix but also other issues like iPad water damage, faulty iPad cameras, iPad charging port problems and more. The replacement parts are also of the same quality used in the iPad Mini. These parts perform well like the original components in your device. 

You can contact us for a repair quote or come visit us in any of our branches.

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