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iPhone 8 Plus Repair in Singapore

LYK Repair offers affordable & reliable iPhone 8 Plus screen repair services and more in Singapore.
(Doorstep On the spot Repair Service Available)

From Original iPhone Battery Replacement approved by apple, we also provide all third-party repair from cracked screen, motherboards and almost evereything for your damaged iphone.

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iPhone 8 plus repair

iPhone 8 Plus Screen Repair, Charging Port Repair & More

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iPhone 8 Plus was one of the iPhones that were introduced to the market with a Home button Sensor & round sided bezel and its magnificent design. It was a big hype during the launch, especially when Apple announced the rollout of the iPhone 8 Plus in red. But nonetheless, issues such as cracked screens and power button failure were unavoidable. Such occurrences grew more and more frequently, and many users were suffering from their iPhone 8 plus cracked screen, not knowing where to have the repair or replacement done. Here’s where LYK Repair comes in – bringing you the best service for all iPhones 8 plus repairs in Singapore.

Where to Repair iPhone 8 Plus in Singapore?

If you’re scouring through the internet for Apple iPhone 8 Plus repair services, look no further than LYK! Whether you are looking to get your iPhone 8 Plus camera replaced or screen repaired, LYK provides door-to-door, on-the-spot services at wallet-friendly costs.

It could be your home, office, schools, or even any cafes nearby. Now, you don’t have to leave your comfort nest or make time out of your busy schedule to get your iPhone 8 Plus fixed. Warranty is also provided upon repair!

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Alternatively, you can opt to drop by our LYK Service center to enjoy our inshore promotion at a more affordable price.

We are just a 1-minute walk away from Taiseng MRT Exit A.

We understand how tedious and uncomfortable a person can get while waiting for their device to get repaired. But not in LYK! Here, we provide a comfortable air-conditioned sofa waiting area, free hot beverages like coffee, milk tea, and a lot more for you to enjoy while waiting for your device to be repaired! Have to bring your kids along during the weekend? Fret not! We also have simple games like “Connect 4” and others to keep you and your family occupied and having fun while waiting for your device to be fixed!

Common iPhone 8 Plus Repairs

  1. iPhone 8 Plus Crack Screen Repair
  2. iPhone 8 Plus LCD Repair
  3. iPhone 8 Plus Back Glass Repair
  4. iPhone 8 Plus Battery Replacement
  5. iPhone 8 Plus Charging Port Replacement
  6. iPhone 8 Plus Motherboard Repair
  7. iPhone 8 Plus Home Button Replacement
  8. iPhone 8 Plus Rear (Back) Camera Glass Replacement
  9. iPhone 8 Plus Front Camera Repair
  10. iPhone 8 Plus Ear Speaker Replacement
  11. iPhone 8 Plus Water Damage Repair
  12. iPhone 8 Plus Side Button Repair
  13. iPhone 8 Plus Housing Repair
  14. iPhone 8 Plus Wifi Antenna Replacement
  15. iPhone 8 Plus Flashlight Replacement
  16. iPhone 8 Plus SIM Card Tray Replacement

Are you facing any of the following issues? Contact us now for a free diagnosis on your iPhone 8 Plus!

Here’s our promise: no repair equates to no charges. We do not charge a single cent for any unrepairable device. Instead, we will advise you on whether it’s worth repairing the device based on the market price! We value honesty, and ethical practices have been upheld across our company since Day 1. If you’re looking to keep repair costs low, we can help.

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