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iPhone X Repair in Singapore

LYK Repair offers affordable & reliable iPhone X screen repair services and more in Singapore.
(Doorstep On the spot Repair Service Available)

From Original iPhone Battery Replacement approved by apple, we also provide all third-party repair from cracked screen, motherboards and almost evereything for your damaged iphone.

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iPhone x repair

Cheap iPhone X Screen Repair in Singapore

From LCD replacement to repairing cracked OLED/LCD/LED screens, water damage, and motherboard issues, we will help you restore your Apple iPhone X.

When you first fell in love with Your Apple iPhone X, it’s likely because of its signature full-screen feature. But because the multitude of your phone’s functions is heavily reliant on the front screen, that’s where the everyday wear and tear problems can lead to larger issues in elements in this phone model, like the digitizer.

These devices are not immune to cracked front and back glass screens or display modules, and other troubles. Cases began more and more frequently and many users tolerated scratches on their iPhone X screen not knowing where to seek help or have the right repair or replacement works done.

LYK mobile ensures the best service for all Apple iPhone X repair programs in Singapore. Considering how much it costs to buy an iPhone X, we understand that repairing your phone is a wiser decision than purchasing a brand new iPhone X with the expense.

iPhone X Screen Repair Near Me in Singapore

When you see that pesky flaw on your screen, the first thing your mind wonders is, “Where can I fix my iPhone X screen with the least trouble?”. Fret not. LYK provides iPhone X repairs at your door or any other address. Just drop us your location anywhere in Singapore, and we’ll be there to the rescue! With this added convenience, now you don’t have to leave your comfort zone or make extra time in your busy schedule to get your Apple iPhone X fixed. The services you’ll find here are not limited to repair screens. You’ll also find replacement or restoring solutions for ghost touch errors; Bluetooth issues; overheating problems; faulty microphones, leaky waterproof seals. Or in the worst-case scenario, aid in reviving your phone from the black or green screen of death.

To assure our repairs last for the long haul, a warranty is also provided upon repair! Call us now at 90252185 or refer to our FAQ to find out more!

Come To Us For Low Price iPhone X Screen Repair in Singapore

If you prefer to come to a dedicated facility where your iPhone X can be repaired, drop by our LYK Service center to enjoy an in-store promotion at a discounted price.

The LYK service center is located at a convenient 1-minute walk away from the Taiseng MRT Exit A. We know how tedious and uncomfortable a person can get while waiting for their device to get repaired, even if it’s just the phone screen. But you don’t have to worry about that at LYK! Enjoy the air-conditioning, a cushy sofa in the waiting area, free hot beverages like coffee, milk tea, and so much more while you wait for your device to be repaired. Only have time over the weekend? Bring your kids along. We have simple games like “Connect 4” and others to keep you and your family occupied and have fun while waiting on your device to get fixed.

Common iPhone X repairs

Our Apple iPhone X replacement and repair services include solutions for:

  1. Cracked Front Screen Repair
  2. LCD Repair
  3. Back Glass
  4. Battery Replacement
  5. Charging Port Replacement
  6. Logic Board, CPU, or
  7. Motherboard Repair
  8. Top speaker repair
  9. Back Camera Lens Repair
  10. Front True Depth Camera Repair for face ID
  11. Crackling Noise Speaker Fix
  12. Water Damage Repair
  13. Side Button Repair
  14. Housing Repair
  15. Wifi antenna Repair

Are you facing any of the following iPhone X damage? Contact our team in Singapore for a free diagnosis at no cost.

At LYK Mobile, no repairs mean no charges. If your phone can’t be repaired, our honest policy is to advise you if the benefits outweigh the costs of fixing your phone based on your phone’s market prices, without any fees whatsoever.
Contact : 90252185 / 96792229
Website: www.lykrepair.com

Location: 1 irving place, the commerze@irving #02-07 Singapore 369546

(1 minute walk away from Taiseng MRT Exit A)

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