Tips to Increase the Battery Life of Your iPad
To preserve your iPad battery better, try to avoid overcharging it or charging it overnight. Always remove the charger once the iPad is fully charged at a 100%. This way, you can avoid overcharging your iPad and lengthen the lifespan of its battery.
Here at LYK Mobile, we strongly encourage using only authentic cables and adapters from Apple. This is because using cheap and unauthentic cable can spoil your iPad’s battery and might even cause a short circuit to the device’s motherboard in an unfortunate event.

If you are unsure if your iPad battery is still functional or needs to be replaced, feel free to make an appointment with any of our skilled professionals and receive a free iPad battery diagnostic. Whenever you need, our expert iPad technicians in Singapore are always here to help.

Frequently Asked Questions iPad Battery Replacements at LYK Mobile

Frequently Asked Questions iPad Battery Replacements at LYK Mobile

1. When should I replace my iPad’s battery?
While the iPad’s battery is specifically designed to last up to 10 hours, frequent use will shorten this time dramatically as the life cycle reduces. If you begin to find that your iPad’s battery life depletes faster than usual, it might be a sign that the battery is no longer performing at its optimal levels. Another symptom of a failing iPad battery would be its less than ideal battery health. The ideal battery health for an iPad is 85% and above. When your iPad’s battery health goes below 85%, it is time for a replacement. You can check your battery health under the “Settings” application. Other symptoms commonly reported by other users in Singapore include the device shutting off abruptly.

2. Does LYK Mobile provide doorstep onsite replacement service for iPad battery?
Yes, we do. Simply call or WhatsApp us at 9025 2185 to make an appointment today. We will deploy our technician to your location/home/workplace or even cafes to perform the iPad battery replacement onsite. It will only take 30 minutes of your time! Our onsite battery replacement service is superb as you can kill two birds with one stone. Imagine getting your work done while getting your iPad fixed, how productive is that?

3. Does LYK Mobile provide warranty after iPad battery replacements in Singapore?
After the replacement is complete, LYK Warranty will be issued for quality assurance.

Getting Your iPad Battery Replaced by LYK Mobile

If you make an appointment before coming, an Ipad battery replacement only takes 30 minutes and can be done on the spot!

Our Replacement Batteries

Have you ever wondered why some batteries are so cheap, and some are more costly?  If you did not know, there are more than 20 types of iPad batteries with differing qualities in the market that are not made by Apple, which is why there is a huge price difference in the batteries quoted by different iPad repair shops in Singapore.

Being an iPad Repair Service Center in Singapore, LYK Mobile only carries iPad batteries of the highest quality because we specialise in iPad repair and require top notch battery quality , at the most affordable cost to satisfy our clients’ needs. Higher quality batteries yield better performance and result in a longer lasting battery.

Hence, our high quality batteries don’t explode. We have done thousands of iPad battery replacements over the past 6 years and never have we gotten feedback of unpleasant battery experience from clients, you can have our word.

WARNING: Do not wait until the battery starts to bloat and causes your screen to pop up before you seek repair services. This is highly unsafe and if the bloat gets too big and explodes, it will emit toxic gases and a pungent smell which is dangerous for humans.

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