Back Glass Repair

One of the iPhone's Features that Makes Them Look Sleek and Stunning is Also What Makes Them Fragile - The Back Glass. If You Own An iPhone 8 Or the Latest Versions, Chances Are You Try Your Best to Avoid Anything That May Cause Scratches, Cracks, Or Damage to Your Mobile Phone.


However, accidents happen. There may be instances when your iPhone can get cracked or damaged when you accidentally drop it. Don’t worry – it can happen to any of us!

When you notice your iPhone has minor scratches or cracks on its back glass, send them to a trusted repair centre immediately. Avoid putting off your iPhone back glass repair as it may cause further damage to your unit.

Want an iPhone Back Glass Repair at an Affordable Cost?

Save on iPhone back glass repair costs with LYK Repair! We can give your iPhones a back glass replacement using high-quality spare parts with the same sensitivity and feel as the original ones. Instead of purchasing a new iPhone altogether, have it repaired by one of our experienced technicians.

Aside from iPhone back glass replacements, we can also help repair iPhone camera, iPhone speakers, and even
iPhones with water damage. What are you waiting for? With the help of our highly-specialised tools, our technician can provide you with sound diagnostics and
repair services for your iPhone.

Contact LYK Repair for all Your iPhone Repair Needs

When it comes to iPhone back glass replacement, trust LYK Repair. Our team of certified iOS technicians can help with all your iPhone repair needs. Head over to our branches in Tai Seng, Jurong East, or Woodlands to have your iPhone back glass repaired. We are open from 11 am to 9 pm.

For your convenience, you may contact us to avail of our doorstep repair services and have your iPhone repaired wherever and whenever you need it. Our technicians are available on call and will personally come to the location you’ve provided. LYK Repair services also come with a 30 to 100-day warranty at no extra charge.

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