Phone Cameras Are A handy Device To Capture Moments in Time That You Want to Remember For A Very Long Time. iPhone Cameras Over the Years Have Also Adapted to Produce These Snapshots in Higher Definition Than Ever.


However, there could be times when you encounter issues with your iPhone camera – whether that’s a defective glass lens or damage to any part of the camera because of an accident. But don’t fret! You can have your iPhone camera repairedby our skilled technicians right here in Singapore.

As an Independent Repair Provider (IRP) LYK Mobile uses only genuine Apple parts, tools, and manuals when carrying out repair services Whether it’s an older or newer model, we are able to repair and restore your device so you can continue to enjoy using it long-term.

Our technicians will first check your iPhone camera’s condition to diagnose underlying issues, before suggesting potential fixes. We provide this diagnosis free-of-charge, with no obligation to continue with our services – however if you do, you can avail of our affordable and efficient repair and replacement services on the spot.

No matter what the problem may be, there’s no repair too big or too small that our technicians can’t accommodate.

Drop by our repair service centre today, and let our professionals fix your iPhone camera.

Don’t Miss the Perfect Shot, Get Your iPhone Camera Repaired

When you leave your iPhone Camera’s repair to our team at LYK Mobile, you’re surely in capable hands. Our technicians are experienced in repairing all models of iPhone cameras so whether it’s an iPhone 7 or the latest iPhone 13, we can get it all fixed up for you all at an affordable price. We can also fix up your iPad camera if it’s experiencing any damage or malfunction, too.

Don’t go through the pains of spending a sizable amount on a new iPhone. Let our professionals repair your iPhone camera and have you back to capturing picture-perfect moments in no time.

Feel free to contact us to learn more about our Apple iPhone Camera repair services.

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