Speedy MacBook Charger Repair in Singapore

Get Your Life Back on Track. Fix Frayed MacBook Charger

Let’s be honest, no one likes to wait in line when your day’s been thrown into disarray by a faulty MacBook charger. But what if you could get all of your mobile device repairs done at home or office without having to leave? That is where we come in!

MacBook chargers are a pain to fix, but luckily, we’ve got you covered. We’ll come right out to wherever you are in Singapore and get your charger fixed up in no time! You’ll never have to wonder, “Is there a MacBook charger repair store near me?” again because we’ll already be at your doorstep, ready to fix any MacBook charger problems you throw at us.

Take the Easy Way Out For Your MacBook Charger Repair

When a device you count on everyday fails, it’s normally not the repair itself that bothers you, it’s the fact that it disrupts your life. It’s a real hassle and inconvenience to have all your plans derailed, just to make a special trip down to the service centre.

But things are different here with Lyk Repair. You won’t have to take time off your busy schedule or leave the comfort of your home. We know the feeling of a frayed, or even broken power cord because we’ve all been there! With LYK Repair, you don’t have to worry about finding a replacement. Our expert technicians will repair or replace your MacBook charger for you.

Feel the Power Again With Reliable Macbook Charger Repair

Our team of qualified technicians will come by at your schedule whenever is the most convenient for you. No more long waits and awkward pacing at a repair centre, we’ll fix your device in a jiffy. Other than MacBook charger repairs, we’ll also repair or replace broken screens, do keyboard repairs and even water damage repair if the device needs it.

Care Instructions for The Repair To Last

Nobody likes to bring their device in for repairs over and over again. So now that your MacBook charger is fixed and good as new, here are some care tips to prevent your MacBook charger hardware from being damaged or frayed again.


Give your new cable some support by using a cable bite or an insulation tape at the connecting ends, where fraying or damage to the wire normally begins.

Avoid Tugging

It’s easier to pull at the wire when you want to disconnect the charger. But with each abrasive tug, the connection can loosen or cause the wire to fray over time. Instead, make sure to handle your MacBook charger with care, and unplug the charger from the charging head. Take advantage of cable organisers that protect your cable and keep your work desk neat and tidy.

Use the Right Power Outlet

Ensuring the voltage requirements of your MacBook Charger is essential in not just keeping your MacBook safe, but also ensures the longevity of your charger. Make sure the power outlet doesn’t exceed 220V, and find a suitable power adaptor (9W, 30W, 45W, 60W, 61W, 85W, 87W and 96W) for your laptop.


If you’re working on your laptop for long hours plugged in, ensure your charger is on a cool surface. An overheated MacBook charger causes damage to your laptop’s battery, which then increases the repair required. Save on repair costs just by ensuring the health of your MacBook charger; take a break and unplug your MacBook charger whenever it feels too hot.

Proper Storage

Improper storage by bending at sharp angles can damage the wire cables within your MacBook charger and cause them to break. Instead, loosely twirl your charging cable around the provided holders to tuck them away safely when you’re done with work.

Full range of Repairs for MacBook Chargers in Singapore

Be it a frayed cable, damaged charger hardware, or a complete charger replacement for your MacBook, find the full range of repair services here at Lyk Repair. Browse today!

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