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Looking for a phone repair shop at Tai Seng? Look no further than LYK Repair. Get your iPhone & other devices fixed at affordable rates. Find out more.

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Jurong East Phone Repair

Sometimes our electronic appliances fail us – and they just stop working. Or we accidentally drop them and the screen cracks. This can cause frustration and anxiety. Trying to find a repair center that is affordable and reliable to fix your device, can also prove to be difficult. LYK Mobile in Jurong East provides phone, laptop, and tablet repair services. If you want quality, efficient service, we are the right choice for you. Whether it’s an iPhone, iPad, or MacBook, get your device repaired with LYK Mobile Jurong East.

Our Fast, Reliable iPhone Repair Services in Jurong

You might be facing numerous issues with your iPhone. This could include camera issues, home buttons failures, backlight problems, water damage, cracked screens, or charging port problems. Your phone might have a minimal amount of damage, and can still function or be severely damaged, and require major repairs. Our LYK Mobile phone repair shop in Jurong East offers iPhone repair services and will be able to address them all. Whether you have the newest model, such as an iPhone 12 Pro Max, or an older model, like an iPhone 4, we will be ready to find a solution for you.

Our iPad Repair Services in Jurong East

Has your iPad been giving you issues? Do you have trouble starting it up or has it recently been damaged by water? If you rely on it to take notes at meetings or to complete assignments for school, it’s best to have it repaired immediately. LYK Mobile offers iPad repair services. Let our technicians at our store in Jurong East have a look at your iPad, have it diagnosed and repaired.

Our MacBook Repairs

Is your MacBook refusing to start up or is it overheating? Our Jurong East LYK Mobile store also provides MacBook repairs and fixes all types of issues for different models, including MacBook Pro and MacBook Air. No matter the issue – whether your Mac keeps dying, the start-up screen is blank, the screen is flickering or it’s starting to lag – we address them all.

LYK Mobile: The Right Choice for iPhone, iPad & MacBook Repairs

If you live in the West of Singapore, close to Jurong Point, choosing to repair your iPhone, iPad, and MacBook with us at our shop in Jurong would be the most convenient for you. We offer hassle-free, quality repair services and will get your device fixed and ready for you to use in no time. Contact us to find out more information.

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