Singtel network broke down !


2 days back , minority of singaporean got affected for as Singtel services were down for 3 hours.

They are unable to call out or receive calls with their phones, which cause shock and inconvenience as no one would expect such an unfortunate incident to happen on the biggest and most popular telco company, Singtel.

We have received numerous quiuires regarding the incident, checking if their phone are suffering from phone breakdown.

Here are some ways to check if it is the telco issue or your phone connectivity issues.

For example :

Firstly ,

If your phone shows “Searching “ even with sim card in , there might be a chance that it is your phone network ic issue

(Refer to Picture 1)


You can try keying in *#06# , Imei will appear regardless whether there is sim card or no sim card .

If  the imei number appears , it means the phone network is okay. Double check with your telco service provider.

On the other hand, If the Imei number doesn’t appear , it is suspected to be the motherboard network ic issue.

Please approach LYK Repair for assistance. A diagnostic will be done for free to help you understand the issue better. Contact 9025 2185


For most open areas, the network bar should be at its max, full bar.  If the network bar appears to be very low and you tend to break connection in between calls,  you may be suffering from a network ic motherboard issue as well.  (Refer to picture 3)

Still not really sure how to check? Fret not.

Feel free to contact 9025 2185 , we will arrange a free diagnostic for you.

*The information above only applies to iPhone

Posted : October 20, 2018


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