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First , LYK motherboard specialists take it apart and look at it. We examine scope and severity of damage by looking on the logic board for corrosion or burnt components. (Examples as seen on photo)

 Tips for people that are scared that their phone has gotten wet:

Rice does nothing- this is a myth. Rice is for dinner.

Shut it off, and if possible open it up and unplug the battery.

Or, take it to your local repair service centre to open it up and unplug the battery for you.

If you are able to get to a shop and open your phone up- leave it open and off for a couple days to dry out. 

From here, it just depends on your luck. If you’re lucky, your phone will turn on and behave normally for the rest of your time with it. 

If you don’t happen to be so lucky, your phone might be exhibiting a number of issues such as motherboard short circuit / LCD damage etc. 

From this point , all you can really do is send it in for repair. 

LYK Repair provides free motherboard examination for all water damaged iphone. If you are keen to find out the reasons why your iphone couldnt be powered on / what needs to be fixed , feel free to drop by LYK Repair service centre for a complimentary check up! 

(worth $50)

 Call / Whatsapp 9025 2185 to book a free diagnostic slot today!

Posted : September 9, 2018


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